Utility Transformation Program

The Utility Transformation program is focussed on helping utilities understand the rapid changes in the energy sector, and providing the tools they need to capture value and opportunities in a changing energy landscape. This includes helping utilities to adopt innovative technologies, and create new services and lines of business that leverage their existing strengths.

Disruptive technologies, distributed generation and new customer-facing services are transforming the utility sector. The Advanced Energy Centre is inviting C level executives from utilities to explore alternative business models, and new ways to remain competitive and build new revenue streams in this changing landscape.

The Utility Transformation Program has two phases:

Phase I: Newtonian Shift

Newtonian Shift MaRSNewtonian Shift is a new kind of collaborative workshop, providing utility leaders the opportunity to experience an accelerated, multi-year transformation of the utility sector in less than a day. Energy players in Europe and North America, including over 23 Ontario utilities, have  successfully applied this experience to their own strategy development, to prepare for a  transformed electricity sector. Combining evidence based analysis, we have customized this session to give thought leaders from the Ontarian electricity industry an opportunity to explore the changing dynamics of our electricity system over the coming decades, and the unique opportunities this presents to utilities.

If your organization is interested in hosting or playing the Newtonian Shift and would like more information,  please contact Kathleen Gnocato at kgnocato@marsdd.com.

Phase II: Scenario Planning

Scenario Planning is a tool to assist utilities in their planning processes for the future. This structured multi-utility planning process engages 6-8 utilities in a neutral, non-competitive environment. Foresight leverages utilities’ collective intelligence to cut through the noise around transformation of the energy sector and explores what we might do individually and collectively in light of this transformation. Over the course of three interactive workshops, utilities will work together to answer practical questions: what are the specific factors that will impact my business in future? How can or should I react in future scenarios? Between workshops, the Advanced Energy Centre will synthesize findings, address research gaps, deepen analysis and produce comprehensive briefings for participants. Foresight provides utilities with a basis for strategic planning.

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