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Launch of the new Entrepreneur’s Toolkit

Launch of the new Entrepreneur’s Toolkit
Entrepreneur's toolkit: Business tools for start-ups
Entrepreneur's toolkit: Business tools for start-ups

Looking for business tools or funding program info?

Check out our new Entrepreneur’s Toolkit which has just been relaunched with a whole new look that’s easier to navigate. Whether you’re starting a business or growing one, the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit can help with a wealth of resources, information and tools to help you:

  • Review the fundamentals: Take the Entrepreneurship 101 online course with 19 video lectures and related materials for learning or reviewing the fundamentals of building a business.
  • Find funding sources: Search the Funding sources directory by sector and location to quickly find funding programs applicable to your business.
  • Search business topics in-depth: The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit has over 400 articles designed to help you solve the business problem that you need to solve, when you need to solve it. Topics include funding your business, marketing and sales, legal and IP, regulatory for life sciences and governance.
  • Download how-to guides: Downloadable workbooks guide you through straightforward steps to create documents such as strategy plans for IP, financing, HR and marketing.
  • View sample investment documents: The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit contains a set of standard templates for investment documents (such as a term sheet and shareholder’s agreement) to assist you if you’re undertaking the investment process.

We’ve also relaunched our video section to make it easier for you to search for and find the videos you need.  Check it out in order to:

  • Catch an event you missed such as Entrepreneurship 101, MaRS Market Insights or other events and conferences held at MaRS.
  • Hear from experts: Watch video series such as the MaRS Best Practices and Hot Tips for Start-ups for practical advice for entrepreneurs.
  • See other entrepreneurs in action: Meet the Entrepreneurs tells the stories of hot start-ups around the province.

Let us know what you think of the new Entrepreneur’s Toolkit and how we can make it an even more robust tool to help you grow your business.