How do you build a team that’s going to create a successful company? How do you build and scale high-performance culture? What’s the process for managing high performance?

We are excited to release a collection of interviews with strategies and tips to address all of these scenarios. Find out how best to hire, motivate and manage talent at your startup. You’ll be faced with many difficult decisions during the most critical growth phases in your company. Watch these interviews to learn how and when to apply effective techniques to find the right people, create a fair compensation strategy, build a strong culture of excellence and more. Set up your startup team for explosive growth—and reach long-term goals and success.

In these videos, we’re joined by a group of experienced entrepreneurs and HR specialists, including Joanne Thomsen, Mike Amos, Tim Wohlgemut, Murray McCaig, Mike Fox, Ben Baldwin and Jon Worren.

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Aislinn Malszecki

Aislinn is a strategist, designer and education producer for entrepreneurs that seek practical lessons to grow their startup companies.See more…