Put yourself in your customer's shoes
Put yourself in your customer's shoes when you go to market

Are you putting yourself in your customer’s shoes?

As you prepare to launch your product, you need to think about what actions you’re going to take to ensure a customer-centred approach when entering the marketplace.

During last week’s Entrepreneurship 101 lecture on go-to-market strategy, MaRS advisor Jon Dogterom took a general approach when providing entrepreneurs with tips on taking their product to market.

Through case studies and personal experiences, Jon shows you how to educate your customer, prove yourself to your customer as well as differentiate and scale your solution.

Does your strategy answer these three questions?:

  1. How are you creating value?
  2. How are you delivering value?
  3. How are you capturing value?

For more practical tips on how to prepare your product for market entry, watch the lecture video.

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