Issue 3 MaRS: Future of Energy & Environment, powered by Chubb

MaRS is a journal conceived to reflect the creative spirit of our urban innovation hub.

Each issue examines new ways of thinking and new ways of doing things, highlighting the latest in scientific research and technological advancements across MaRS’s key areas of focus: health; work & learning; energy & environment; and finance & commerce. MaRS showcases a range of thought leaders, each with deep knowledge about the latest trends and the most pressing societal challenges, as well as much sought-after expertise in the business of innovation.


Issue 3: Future of Energy & Environment

Canada’s greenest moonshots: From remote-control farming to hydrogen fuel-cell-powered trains

As climate change pummels our planet, unleashing everything from baking drought to raging hurricanes, Canada’s cleantech entrepreneurs are seizing opportunities where others see only threats. Their solutions are ubiquitous, reaching beyond alternative energy and green transit to touch almost every part of our lives.

In this issue of MaRS, you’ll read about technologies that help farmers increase yields and feed our growing population, and innovative ways of turning waste plastic into products that can pave our roads and feed our imaginations. These entrepreneurs are also putting our power-hungry Internet on an energy diet, repurposing cutting-edge tech from Canada’s golden age of telecom to make sure we use less power as we consume more data.

And if you thought their numbers were small, think again. Canadian cleantech companies outnumber those in both the aerospace and automotive industries, and employ more people than the forestry, pharmaceutical or medical device sectors. With a climate change denier in the Oval Office, these innovators are poised to clean up in the U.S. market, spurred by a Canadian government determined to see them succeed.

What’s inside?
  • Greening the Fleet: Driving efficiency in the heavy transportation sector
  • We are drowning in plastic waste. Can technology save us?
  • Putting the Internet on an energy diet
  • Canadian cleantech’s Trump dividend
  • And more!
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